Efficient Testing and Commissioning
for Healthcare Equipment

At Wandsworth Healthcare we test and commission all products we install to provide full peace of mind.


Providing a Service
that is Best-In-Class

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Bedhead System Testing and Commissioning That Addresses Current and Future Healthcare Demands

  • Part of our promise to deliver unrivalled end-to-end support is providing bedhead system testing and commissioning that ensures our healthcare solutions meet your every demand.
  • Collaborating with NHS Trusts, we ensure that our solutions maintain HTM compliancy and that our advanced technology continues to address the current and anticipated needs of our clients.
  • We work directly with clinicians to commission your IPiN nurse call systems and containment solutions before carrying out a stringent testing process to ensure that your equipment performs to maximum efficiency.
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Professional Panic Alarm Testing That Guarantees Maximum Performance

  • From rigorous panic alarm testing to cardiac call systems testing, our experts can carry out a detailed assessment of your equipment to provide full peace of mind. When it comes to staff safety alarm testing and commissioning, the Wandsworth Healthcare team are committed to providing a service that is best-in-class.
  • Quality and performance of nurse call equipment is paramount in all healthcare settings, which is why our experienced team work to provide the highest level of efficiency and innovation with our systems, reinforced by a testing process that we’ve refined for over 70 years. When it comes to staff safety alarm testing and commissioning, we treat each step of the process with the utmost care to guarantee that your systems improve the patient experience.
  • Experience our range of futureproof nurse call solutions and bedhead services today.