Introducing Live Fault-Finding and Specialist Equipment Integration to Basildon University Hospital with IPiN INSiTE

After being trusted by Basildon University Hospital for the last 50 years for supplying various healthcare technologies including cutting-edge nurse call systems, Wandsworth Healthcare was the only choice of nurse call supplier for a large-scale refurbishment project for the acute general hospital. Requiring a complete nurse call system overhaul which is still currently ongoing, the client was delighted to specify Wandsworth Healthcare to install the robust, fully IP IPiN Evolution nurse call system, complete with the IPiN INSiTE reporting and administration platform.

To ensure the hospital’s maternity ward could operate to the highest possible standard, the client requested a futureproofed nurse call system and a unique digital solution that would offer complete visibility of hospital calls and operations. Wandsworth Healthcare guided the hospital’s team to the IPiN INSiTE platform, delivering seamless integration with third-party equipment and making live and historical data readily available to enable clinical staff and estates management to make confident data-driven decisions.


Relevant Analytics and Information Made Accessible for the Hospital’s Maternity Ward

As part of the project brief, clinicians and estate staff of Basildon University Hospital specifically requested fault-finding functionality to understand and resolve potential nurse call system errors on the maternity ward in addition to a full replacement of existing nurse call systems. Wandsworth Healthcare were able to make IPiN INSiTE’s technology site-specific to ensure that only relevant information from the maternity ward was accessible without being overwhelmed by unwanted data from other wards and areas of the hospital. Providing real-time monitoring and live fault-finding functionality in addition to custom reports that can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel as standard, IPiN INSiTE offered a new standard of efficiency to the NHS facility.

Offering a flexible, problem-solving nurse call solution that works in tandem with the IPiN INSiTE platform, IPiN Evolution is a modular system that can adapt and grow in line with the needs of the healthcare environment by integrating with Wandsworth Healthcare and third-party equipment. Utilising the latest IP technology, IPiN Evolution facilitates crystal-clear two-way calling with VoIP and Mobile Telephony service and custom functionality including Nurse Presence, Staff Attack and Wandering Patient alarm settings, noise volume and timings to maximise workflow efficiency and ensure hospital goals can be met.

Training Clinicians and Estate Staff to Complete First-Line Maintenance of Nurse Call Solutions

Wandsworth Healthcare were happy to provide additional support to the hospital’s maternity ward by training four of Basildon University Hospital’s electricians and facilities managers to complete first-line system maintenance unassisted in the future. Providing a professional 2-day course, the Wandsworth Healthcare team shared specialist knowledge to enable the relevant staff to complete routine maintenance of bedheads and handsets without calling in Wandsworth engineers to offer a cost-effective solution.

A key development in the ongoing refurbishment of the facility is an update of the alarm tone corresponding with ventilators in one of the hospital’s emergency wards. The client required a specific tone that differentiated between a routine patient call and an emergency call to maximise patient care and ensure that calls can be managed as effectively as possible. Wandsworth Healthcare’s engineers were able to offer a range of distinctive tones and once selected, the team remotely accessed the site to update the sounds without disrupting or closing wards. Already seeing the impact of the system upgrades, alarm updates and IPiN INSiTE reporting, the hospital teams have been delighted by the enhanced productivity and efficiency throughout the facility and remain impressed by Wandsworth Healthcare’s matchless end-to-end service and aftersales support.

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