Nurse Call Products

Where innovation meets functionality, we offer a portfolio of products that help maximise staff and patient experience in the modern healthcare environment.



Our fully IP nurse call system, a future proofed solution for the modern healthcare environment.

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Our intelligent software platform designed to deliver integral infrastructure and workflow solutions.

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Horizontal and vertical containment solutions, available in three standard widths, flush or surface mounted and with bespoke configuration.

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We offer a range of patient handsets offering nurse call, entertainment, bedlight control, catering/housekeeping call buttons and more.

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From handsets to cables, PCBs or data jacks, we can supply a range of spares.

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We understand the importance of having your systems fully functional at all times.

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Our Connected Care nurse call system offers the highest standard of wireless nurse call technology.

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Enhancing Patient Care and Experience With our IP Nurse Call Products

  • As the number one innovator in the healthcare sector and the first to design and install a fully IP nurse call system, we are proud to deliver flexible, cost-effective healthcare nurse call solutions that help your workplace operations excel.
  • For over 70 years, we have adapted and enhanced our products to meet the ever-changing demands of today and deliver the highest level of patient care. To best meet your goals and ensure that communication, workflow and patient experience are optimised throughout your healthcare facility, our range of IP nurse call products deliver a robust, futureproofed HTM-08-03-compliant nurse call system that you can depend on.

Healthcare Nurse Call Solutions for Efficient Hospital Management

  • Bringing years of expertise to the healthcare sector as the very first to design, manufacture and install a nurse call system in the UK, we supply high-quality healthcare nurse call solutions, containment systems and a full range of IP components that you can trust. As a fully IP-based system, our IPiN Evolution nurse call system is the most agile, problem-solving healthcare solution on the market. IPiN Evolution can deliver the highest level of integration and functionality, allowing your nurse call to change in line with the needs of patients, practitioners and managers and confront the unforeseen challenges of the future.
  • With the choice to integrate VoIP, lighting control, administration and reporting, staff attack technologies and more to enhance your system, you can enjoy a long, effective operating lifespan and reduced cost of ownership due to our system’s flexibility. Our reliable, robust nurse call system is also guaranteed to perform 15 years from installation to give you the peace of mind of knowing your bespoke clinical solution has been developed to the highest possible standard. Discover a leading range of IP nurse call products that set the standard for modern hospital management.