Engineer Support Packages for
Healthcare Equipment

An experienced team on hand to support you and your needs.


Service Support

System is Supported for a
Minimum of 15 Years

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  • Included in our end-to-end service is a range of healthcare engineer support packages to provide our clients with complete peace of mind.
  • Our UK wide team of nurse call specialist engineers hold years of experience and are available to contact 24/7.
  • Our engineer support packages are available in three tiers; Bronze, Silver and Gold, to ensure your individual budget and requirements are met.
  • 6 Three tiers to suit a range of budgets

    Three tiers to suit a range of budgets

  • 6 Fast, efficient diagnostics and software upgrades

    Fast, efficient diagnostics and software upgrades

  • 6 Unrivalled customer support

    Unrivalled customer support

  • 6 Bespoke support packages are available

    Bespoke support packages are available

  • 6 Competitive response times

    Competitive response times

  • Our Bronze panic alarm engineer support package offers preventative maintenance visits, rapid, discounted equipment spares and more to ensure your equipment continues to perform long term. 
  • If an existing system must be rendered inactive during repairs, a member of our team can install a temporary system, eliminating the risk of ward closure.
  • For facilities that require an advanced level of support, our Silver engineer support package features out-of-hours call outs, a response time of 24 hours and software upgrades.
  • Our Gold engineer support packages guarantee the highest level of customer support. 
  • From 4-hour response times to 24-hour call-out facilities, our Gold service agreement provides total reassurance and helps to sustain long term operational efficiency.
  • Our experts can also deliver a bespoke service that adheres to your exact budget and specification. 
  • Wandsworth Healthcare work closely with you to agree on a package that best suits the needs of your facility.