Adaptable Healthcare Technology
for A&E Wards


Reliable, Responsive Nurse Call Systems for Accident and Emergency Wards

  • As a company that has been at the forefront of technology for the built environment longer than any other, Wandsworth Healthcare have a wealth of experience in supplying unrivalled HTM-compliant nurse call systems for accident and emergency facilities throughout the UK.
  • Clinical staff based in accident and emergency wards are often faced with high-pressure situations and required to make rapid decisions regarding patient care. Critical two-way communication is absolutely essential in high-capacity A&E wards to ensure that patients receive the urgent medical attention they need. To facilitate crystal clear two-way calling whilst minimising inefficiencies in the clinical environment, our robust IPiN Evolution nurse call system offers a healthcare solution that is best-in-class.
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Cost-Effective Nurse Call Systems for A&E That Support Life-Critical Communication

  • Wandsworth Healthcare are proud to take a proactive, patient-centric approach to help overcome clinical challenges within your facility, with our adaptable nurse call systems and bedhead services for accident and emergency wards. Our bespoke nurse call systems and containment solutions can be built up to suit your exact specification, resulting in cost-effective infrastructure that fits seamlessly into your environment. The modular IPiN Evolution system offers the highest level of integration with both Wandsworth and third-party software to provide a unique solution that adheres to the specific needs of your healthcare setting.
  • Offering A&E wards a flexible solution that can be upgraded with staff attack functionality, VoIP and lighting control, IPiN Evolution helps to maximise operational success and facilitate better patient care from installation. Our team of specialist engineers are also readily available to provide comprehensive aftercare, maintenance support and peace of mind for your facility as part of our tailored end-to-end service.

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