A New Level of Futureproofing
for the Healthcare Environment

The most flexible solutions to future-proof your hospital.

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  • We’re committed to solving tomorrow’s challenges today with agile, futureproof healthcare nurse call systems and bespoke containment solutions that maximise patient care and staff efficiency.
  • For over 50 years we have continued to adapt our systems and innovate to set a new standard for nurse call technology and ensure healthcare operations run as smoothly as possible.
  • 12 Innovative, scalable systems used by NHS Trusts

    Innovative, scalable systems used by NHS Trusts

  • 12 Advanced, HTM compliant technology

    Advanced, HTM compliant technology

  • 12 Flexible IP network that allows for easy rerouting

    Flexible IP network that allows for easy rerouting

  • Members of Wandsworth’s healthcare team were called upon to assist in the creation of the Department of Health’s current guidelines for bedhead Nurse Call services, HTM08-03.
  • Our rigorous research and development process includes NHS Trust user group workshop meetings.
  • Wandsworth Healthcare teams have even assisted in drafting specific requirement criteria for which products should conform to HTM 08-03 guidelines for nurse call.
  • Our innovative systems are trusted by NHS Trusts and clinical staff throughout the UK. 
  • Merging the latest hardware and software with open standards, our solutions can easily adapt to future advances to offer a system that is always fit for purpose. 
  • Providing a flexible IP network that can be easily re-routed, extended and repurposed, our experts can deliver solutions that offer the freedom to add features from any provider.