St Ann’s Hospital, Tottenham

To drive operational efficiency and support an exceptional level of patient care at St Ann’s Hospital, Tottenham, Wandsworth Healthcare were selected to provide a unique, complete solution that would adhere to HTM guidelines for medium secure mental health facilities. As a team highly experienced in facilitating the needs of specialist care and mental health wards, Wandsworth Healthcare were able to develop a bespoke solution that met every demand of the design brief.

Having experienced failure and poor battery life with previous systems, the clinical teams required a robust, reliable nurse call system that features wired and wireless staff attack alarm whilst complying with anti-ligature requirements. The second challenge was to fit an anti-ligature door alarm to enable healthcare staff to respond promptly and efficiently to attempts on a patient’s life.


Our experienced engineers were asked to provide a quote for an HTM-compliant wired IPiN Evolution nurse call system with anti-ligature fixings and plates to minimise patient risks and address the specific requirements of the facility. The decision to specify a Wandsworth Healthcare system was made with confidence as our team were on hand to support the clinical teams with every question regarding the capabilities of the new system providing full peace of mind.

The team presented one bespoke system that would meet the client’s exact specification, incorporating wired nurse call, wired and wireless staff attack functionality as well as anti-ligature door alerts as opposed to proposing four separate systems. Eliminating the need for multiple systems ensured that staff and patients didn’t experience alarm fatigue, which is vitally important to specialist care facilities and mental health wards where staff and patient wellbeing is paramount.

With the backbone of the IPiN Evolution nurse call system, we were able to deliver one solution interfaced with IPiN wired staff attack Guardian wireless staff attack functionality and anti-ligature door plates from Kingsway Doors. The flexibility of IPiN Evolution allowed four systems to work concurrently with specialist integration, providing a seamless nurse call solution for the London-based hospital. Each call type provided its own individual alarm tone in addition to ‘follow me’ lighting to support better patient management and help to mitigate operational inefficiencies.

As part of a seamless end-to-end service, the fully IP, wall-mounted nurse call system including the new anti-ligature plates were submitted to destructive testing to ensure maximum performance. As expected, the IPiN system performed to exacting standards, outclassing a competitor’s system, proving the system to be a robust and reliable solution for St Ann’s Hospital. The new system also offered a streamlined, one-stop solution to the ward’s needs and as such allowed for simple, timely execution. We saw the project through from concept to completion, offering remote monitoring of the site for all devices to assess the system from anywhere and assist with reconfiguring and potential software issues.

St Ann’s mental health unit is now able to experience crystal clear two-way calling and staff attack functionality with extended battery life and anti-ligature features that minimise patient risk throughout the ward. The success of this project and bespoke capabilities of the IPiN system resulted in Wandsworth Healthcare being recommended to deliver healthcare solutions to mental health wards across the country. Wandsworth Healthcare have also been chosen to complete phase 2 of the project; the refurbishment of the hospital later in 2021 to further enhance the level of patient care delivered by the facility.