Watford General Hospital, Hertfordshire

Providing acute healthcare services to approximately half a million patients living in West Hertfordshire and its surrounding areas, Watford General Hospital, Hertfordshire is a District General Hospital overseen by West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. To ensure that the facility could enhance operational efficiency and continue to provide first-class emergency care, the client required a robust, responsive staff attack solution to effectively safeguard both patients and staff.

In any high-capacity healthcare facility, efficient staff attack technology is required to ensure the continued wellbeing and safety of staff. Holding 521 beds and an Accident and Emergency ward which accommodates a high influx of patients on a daily basis, the NHS Trust operated hospital requested industry-leading staff attack functionality to enhance staff workflow and make sure that all clinical staff are suitably supported in the instance of an emergency or attack.

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Enhancing Staff Safety with Reliable Staff Attack Functionality 

The hospital’s existing staff attack technology installed throughout the facility did not provide the level of efficiency required, leading to a greater risk of staff casualties. Having previously installed the HTM 08-03 compliant, modular IPiN Evolution nurse call system and bespoke trunking, Wandsworth Healthcare were the natural choice for the project, offering to integrate the innovative Guardian system with staff attack calling available with just the touch of a button. An additional challenge for the Wandsworth Healthcare team was delivering silent staff attack calls using light signals to ensure support could be provided without escalating the situation. Wandsworth Healthcare were able to design an HTM-08-03-compliant wireless system that enabled lights to guide additional staff members to the relevant nurse requiring assistance.

Installed by Wandsworth Healthcare, the new, flexible staff attack solution included staff fobs that are worn on a necklace that effectively and immediately direct staff attack calls to reception or security when pulled. Facilitating necessary areas of the hospital, including reception, with the updated equipment was completed within the tight time frame of just two weeks as part of Wandsworth Healthcare’s dedicated end-to-end service. Each aspect of the system has performed to the highest standard, helping to ensure full peace of mind for staff throughout the hospital.

Providing Added Peace of Mind for Staff in a High-Capacity Facility

Now outfitted with a brand-new system that provides instant staff attack calling and a new level of reassurance in the built healthcare environment, Watford General Hospital, Hertfordshire can run seamlessly and continue to deliver exceptional patient care. Staff throughout the hospital wards were delighted by the impact of the new system, experiencing a higher level of security and peace of mind as a result of the new staff attack alarm functionality.

The Watford General Hospital remained impressed by Wandsworth Healthcare’s knowledge and passionate approach to the project, in addition to the quick turnaround time delivered. The flexible IPiN Evolution system allowed for the faultless integration of the Guardian system with staff attack calling and the adaptable nature of the fully IP system ensures that additional functionality can always be introduced in the future to adhere to the evolving needs of the facility.