HMT Sancta Maria Hospital, Swansea

With a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing agile, problem-solving nurse call systems to NHS Trusts and private hospitals throughout the UK, Wandsworth Healthcare were the company of choice to deliver specialist nurse call functionality for HMT Sancta Maria Hospital in Swansea.

The new private healthcare facility’s team was impressed by Wandsworth Healthcare’s ability to provide a bespoke, fully IP nurse call system for Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore and therefore trusted in their unrivalled industry expertise. Following an equipment demonstration led by Wandsworth Healthcare, the hospital’s team were delighted to select the IPiN Evolution nurse call system for its bespoke capabilities, reliability and ease of use.

saint maria

Facilitating a range of Specialist Call Types with Cutting-Edge Technology

Key challenges faced by the hospital included the unintentional allocation of nurses to catering duties as opposed to catering staff, creating inefficiencies in the day-to-day management of the facility. To maximise operational efficiency and ensure that nurses were not alerted for catering duties going forward, the hospital required an advanced, reliable nurse call system that alerted the catering team only once the button was activated.

In addition, the Sancta Maria team also recognised a gap in their existing way of working and requested custom functionality to alert a secondary member of staff when extra assistance was required on a particular ward. Wandsworth Healthcare were able to easily address this need with custom ‘assistance required’ calling and integrated this into the system as part of their exceptional end-to-end service.

This unique design brief incorporated cleaner and catering functionality, ‘assistance required’ functionality and porter call to ensure the full spectrum of healthcare needs was met within the facility. Wandsworth Healthcare were able to deliver on every requirement, accommodating 40 beds with a robust, HTM-compliant system that helped to drive workflow efficiency throughout the facility.

Enhancing Patient Management in a Leading Private Facility

As the relationship with Wandsworth Healthcare progressed during the design process, the hospital’s team also requested pagers that would receive porter calls when patients were ready to go to theatre. Due to the flexibility and futureproofed design of IPiN Evolution, this functionality was easily integrated into the system, providing a seamless, problem-solving solution for the facility.

By upgrading their existing equipment with the IPiN Evolution system complete with custom call types, Sancta Maria Hospital were able to eliminate previous inefficiencies pertaining to catering and cleaning whilst ensuring that staff were sufficiently supported with another member of the team where required. IPiN Evolution’s ability to integrate with the facility’s paging system also ensured that porters were instantly alerted and patients could be transported to the relevant location without delay.