Specialist Equipment Integration
with IPiN Evolution

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  • Wandsworth Healthcare nurse call solutions offer specialist healthcare integration to help make your ambitions a reality.
  • We’re proud to deliver cost-effective, futureproof nurse call solutions that enable healthcare professionals to create solutions tailored to the exact needs of their facility.
  • Additionally, hospitals would have the option of Wandsworth Healthcare or third-party integration.
  • 8 Systems can be easily adapted to your needs

    Systems can be easily adapted to your needs

  • 8 Both Wandsworth Healthcare and third party solutions can be integrated

    Both Wandsworth Healthcare and third-party solutions can be integrated

  • 8 A range of possibilities available to maximise Patient Care

    A range of possibilities available to maximise patient care


Customise Your Nurse Call Functionality with Specialist Healthcare Equipment Integration

  • Our cutting-edge IPiN Evolution system can adapt and grow in line with the needs of your facility.
  • As our latest, fully IP nurse call system allows easy integration with third-party systems, facilities managers and clinical staff are able to create a dynamic system tailored to the requirements of each ward.
  • With IPiN Evolution specialist healthcare equipment integration, you can develop a bespoke system with the option of adding lighting control, assistive care, administration and reporting, nurse presence and more.