Flexible Healthcare Solutions
for Temporary/Emergency Wards


Industry-Leading Nurse Call Systems for Temporary/Emergency Facilities

  • Wandsworth Healthcare are pleased to introduce the Connected Care wireless nurse call system for temporary/emergency healthcare services to facilitate seamless communication and maximise workflow efficiency.
  • This flexible, secure, portable nurse call technology enables optimum patient care to be delivered throughout temporary units where critical communication is paramount at all times. With an advanced Android display unit, our Connected Care system offers a convenient solution to help temporary/emergency wards overcome the clinical challenges at hand. Providing ease of use with an intuitive interface, our HTM-compliant wireless nurse call solution requires no specialist training to operate, allowing patients and staff to use systems confidently and eliminate barriers to life-critical communication.
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Wireless Nurse Call Systems to Facilitate Overflow Patient Care in Temporary /Emergency Wards

  • Our wireless nurse call systems for temporary/emergency wards are capable of real-time monitoring, with in-built functionality that tracks call points as patients move with the system.
  •  Connected Care is extremely simple to program, offering a wide range of functionality to address the key challenges faced in temporary wards from bed occupancy issues to staff coordination. Featuring a portable anti-microbial handset, wall-mounted bedhead unit, overdoor indicator, remote display and more, our industry-leading system enables temporary ward teams to assess calls in order of priority and allocate relevant staff members as required.

Discover how our industry-leading wireless nurse call system has supported UK-based temporary/emergency hospitals today.