Installing Robust, Reliable Wireless Nurse Call Systems for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Part of the Shelford Group, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest hospitals in Europe, and one of the largest NHS teaching trusts in the UK. The Trust is made up of the John Radcliffe Hospital, the Churchill Hospital and the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, all located in Oxford, and the Horton General Hospital situated in North Oxfordshire. Together, these locations deliver an array of clinical services and specialist care in addition to medical education and training.

To ensure that excellence could be delivered across the facility’s four-story ICU building and eliminate barriers to life-critical communication, the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s team specified Wandsworth Healthcare to deliver the flexible Connected Care nurse call system. The HTM 08-03-compliant wireless nurse call system met every requirement of the facility, helping to facilitate seamless communication and maximise workflow efficiency throughout each ward.

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Bringing a New Level of Operational Efficiency to a 4-Story ICU Building with Four Industry-Leading Nurse Call Systems

To ensure that patients could receive the highest level of care without delay, the NHS Trust requested a unique, portable system that offered ease of use and adhered to the latest HTM guidelines. As a company chosen by NHS Trusts throughout the UK that has worked alongside clinical teams to advise on HTM guidelines, Wandsworth Healthcare was the ideal choice for the nurse call system replacement. Wandsworth Healthcare recommended four Connected Care systems to ensure that the relevant wards were facilitated with cutting-edge wireless nurse call technology in line with the design brief.

Offering a convenient solution for temporary wards, emergency wards and beyond, Connected Care provides a responsive, easy-to-operate interface that addresses the key challenges faced in the healthcare environment including staff coordination and bed occupancy issues. Providing an advanced android display unit, the Connected Care system requires no specialist training to use, ensuring that staff and patients can use the system with confidence at all times.

Utilising a Wide Range of Wireless Nurse Call Functionality in a Modular Build Facility

The state of the art wireless nurse call system is capable of real-time monitoring, tracking call points as patients move to maximise patient safety and care. Ideally suited to the unique needs of the modular-build facility, each Connected Care system featured a portable anti-microbial handset, wall-mounted bedhead unit, nurse call station and overdoor indicator to accommodate the full range of staff and patient needs.

Able to assess priority calls with ease and allocate individual staff as necessary, clinical teams of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have been delighted by the impact of the new, class-leading nurse call systems. The portable aspect of Connected Care has enabled hospital staff to ensure maximum patient safety from various areas of the facility, granting access to call data in real-time.

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