IP Nurse Call System Installed at the Walton Centre


The Wandsworth Group has recently completed work installing our state-of- the-art IP nurse call system technology and equipment for a multi-million pound Arizona project for The Walton Centre NHS Trust in Liverpool.

The Walton Centre is the only specialist neurosciences NHS Trust in the UK and offers world class diagnosis and treatment for brain, spine and peripheral nerve and muscle injuries and illnesses.

The nature of care provided by the Trust made it vital for us to deliver systems that were effective, both in terms of the quality of care provided but also reliability and cost. We at Wandsworth were delighted to be tasked with such a vital responsibility.

Phase One: Updating Old Nurse Call Systems with IP Nurse Call Solution

The purpose of the two-phase Arizona project was to increase the size of the hospital’s capacity via a new build while simultaneously modernising the existing facilities.

Our role in phase one of Arizona involved replacing the outdated nurse call systems used throughout the old wards with new IP nurse call systems. These network-based systems are designed to declutter nursing stations, ensure greater care for patients, increase staffing efficiencies and provide significant cost efficiencies for hospitals.

In addition, as the system is IP-based, i.e. it works off a network, The Walton Centre can link the new building with the old. This in turn allows nursing and estate staff to monitor individual points from one centralised location, limiting risk of missed handset breakdown calls or mis-managed staffing levels. The modular set up also means the systems can be introduced to additional wards as and when the Trust requires. The installation is representative of the considerations the Nurse Call Charter outlines in respect to upgrading or purchasing new nurse call systems.

Phase Two: State-of-the-Art Facilities.

As well as linking the new and old buildings, IP nurse call systems are scalable, meaning they can be added onto older systems as and when required. The system is flexible and nurses are trained to assign individual beds to individual wards in accordance with their staffing requirements.

The new Walton Centre hospital building contains medical suites and 31 beds, each with its own Medical Service Column (MSC). MSCs are vertical trunking solutions, units that house all of the essential bedside supplies, such as medical gasses and electrics, as well as the software and technology required for a detailed IP nurse call system. In line with client requirements, Wandsworth produced a bespoke solution for the Arizona project, flush mounting the columns into the hospital’s wall panels, saving space and transforming the room aesthetically.

Over the next five years Wandsworth will be working with the Trust to fully refurbish and future-proof the remaining areas of the existing building with the IPiN nurse call system, which will easily integrate into the pre installed network infrastructure.